Case Study

Creating the perfect crisp

Pipers Crisps

The challenge

Flavour stability is a key challenge for anyone wanting to create a successful food product. Pipers Crisps are an award-winning high end crisp manufacturer that have established a highly successful brand over the past nine years based on the quality and taste of their products. With this at the heart, Pipers looked to Nottingham to understand key flavour chemistry to enhance product flavour and create new seasonings.

Our response

The University’s expertise in flavour generation and release go back a long way. Professor Ian Fisk’s research interests lie in the area of food chemistry, with a specific interest in aroma chemistry and flavour chemistry. With access to the University’s award winning sensory labs and food science facilities, KTP Associate Deepa Agarwal led the project to embed flavour chemistry knowledge at the company.

The impact

Knowledge generated from the project has helped develop new processes for product development, strengthened export opportunities and resulted in the launch of 2 new flavoured potato crisp products (‘Wild Thyme and Rosemary’ and ‘Delicias Jalapeno and Dill’). The impact and success of the KTP also resulted in an ‘Outstanding’ A grade from Innovate UK. James McKinney, Managing Director, said: “Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) play a key role in putting science behind the things we do. It gives us a sound evidence base for our decision making.”