KTP at Nottingham: a reflection on 2018

We’re fast approaching the Christmas break in the KTP office and, as always, this is a really busy time for us. The end of the year makes everyone look forward to what the the next might bring and maybe that’s why we see so many enquiries from businesses and academics wanting to start KTPs in the New Year.

2018 has been a very successful year for us at Nottingham, we now have 35 live projects with several more submitted and pending approval, and the portfolio for the first time in our history has a value of more than £7,000,000.

Increasing the diversity of our KTP portfolio

We kicked 2018 off helping to build decision support infrastructures for autonomous vehicles with 121 Systems in Nottingham and work on empowering customers with E.ON.  The Spring saw new projects come online in Industrial Microwaves with Torftech R&D Ltd in Thatcham and pest reduction in sugar beet production with the British Beet Research Organisation in Norwich.

Summer saw the funding of our first ever project with a major investment bank, JP Morgan in London’s Canary Wharf who welcomed us to perhaps our most glamorous meeting location to date!  It also saw a second project funded with innovative external canopy manufacturer i2o Ltd in Hunstanton.

The Autumn funding rounds delivered some tasty funding with two food projects with Unilever focusing on ice cream, and as if that wasn’t enough, we also secured funding for Kettering based gin sensation Warner Edwards Distillery.

Fittingly then, after all the food and drink we saw a new project funded this Winter with Olio, a London-based company which aims to re-distribute unused food throughout its app and volunteer community.  Whilst we all merrily stock fridges, freezers and cupboards to breaking point in preparation for the festive season, is it worth considering what happens to all those leftovers and whether someone else might be able to use them?

And just before the end of the year, to prove just how varied the KTP world is, we saw new projects funded with a group of veterinary practices in Cumbria (Paragon Vet) developing novel technique for bovine in-vitro embryos, and a project with Bristol based company, Ultrahaptics working to develop non-touch haptics for the automotive industry.

The New Year looks like it will be starting off at full speed and the whole team will be flat out working on submissions for the early February submission. There’ll be plenty of travel as usual with the current prospect list taking us from South Wales to the South Coast, up to central London and a couple of projects slightly closer to home. But before that, a well-earned rest over the festive period to prepare us for another exciting year of KTP at Nottingham!