KTP Associate Conference 2018

On a sunny Monday and Tuesday in June this year, we welcomed 108 Associates to the KTP Associate Conference held at our beautiful Jubilee Campus. With over 600 Associates involved in KTP projects across the UK, the KTP Associate Conference is held annually to bring them together and celebrate the benefits and success of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme.

With the theme for this year’s conference being ‘KTP and Beyond’, Associates were able to find out how to maximise their KTP experience by exploring solutions to common workplace challenges in our Ingenuity Challenge workshop and hearing from ex-KTP Associates about how to make the most of the training and development opportunities the programme offers.

Showcasing the diversity of KTP

Associates had the opportunity to showcase the benefits of their KTP by displaying posters, delivering presentations and showcasing videos. Over the two days delegates got to hear from Associates on a number of projects ranging from nonwoven fabrics for acoustic sound absorption to utilising crowdsourced cycling data to build smarter cities.

One of the main highlights included seeing the video submissions from Associates who showcased their ‘day in the life’. With no two videos being the same, the competition emphasised both the diversity of KTP and range of businesses involved in the programme.

Approximately two thirds of Associates are offered further positions in their KTP company after the project. Video competition winner, Bharath Sudev, an ex-KTP Associate with University of Essex and Flakt Wood, now an Electronic Controls Design Manager at the company, highlighted the importance of the programme in developing the skills he needed to progress in his career.

Where a KTP can take you

Delegates got to hear from a range of ex-Associates throughout the conference and our closing speaker Matt Hague showed just how far the KTP programme took him. Now Executive Director of Product Strategy, Matt began his career as a KTP Associate almost 20 years ago at Microlise and has been a key part of the company’s journey from small business to a leader in fleet technology solutions. The company have since been successful with further KTP’s and is a fantastic example of how the programme can contribute to the growth and success of a business.