Attending Careers Fairs to answer the question ‘What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?’

What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships? This has been the question of the month for the KTP team at the University of Nottingham. The team have been working hard to promote the charmingly elusive graduate development programme through its attendance at the Engineering and Science and Technology Fairs, as well holding as its own promotional events, in the hope that we can turn what some have described as a best-kept secret into common (student) knowledge.

Now, to address the question…

Put simply, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a part-funded Government scheme operating across the UK. KTP is a partnership between a Knowledge Base (i.e. a university), a business (large or small) and an Associate (the graduate or post-graduate). KTP works across a wide variety of academic disciplines and industries. The purpose of the partnership is to support the business’ growth through innovative projects, whilst allowing the Associate to develop both personally and professionally. We took to students at this month’s fairs to find out what they think the top benefits of taking up a KTP are:

  • The majority of KTPs are open to international students
  • The dedicated training and development budget (£2,000 per year of the project)
  • The opportunity to combine research with commercial application

For most students, planning out their next steps after graduation isn’t easy, as we found out this month. Taking the time to take advantage of opportunities such as Careers Fairs provides you with an insight into a range of career paths that you could consider. For those who aren’t sure whether they want a career in industry or academia, KTP is a great way to experience elements of each and open up further opportunities on both sides. Deepa Agarwal, a former KTP Associate at Nottingham recently told us why she thinks KTP is a great next step after graduation and you can read more about her experience here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about KTP as a potential graduate opportunity click here or you can view some of the latest vacancies below or by following us on Twitter. If you’re a current student at Nottingham we’ll be holding events over the next few months in Schools and Departments where you can hear from Associates working on live projects about their KTP experience. The latest events can be found here.