Helping businesses hit their KTP deadlines

Well, it’s officially autumn. The leaves are turning brown, the ‘big coat’ has come out and students are moving in for the start of a new academic year. Meanwhile, at Nottingham KTP base it’s been a busy month. The team have been supporting a range of businesses to help them hit their submission deadlines. As always things are left a little longer than we would like but, people work to deadlines. We generally have deadlines every two months, and there has been a real variety of businesses taking part this time around. From an SME working at the cutting edge of human/computer interaction to one of the world’s largest manufacturing giants. Personally my projects couldn’t be much further apart, one of them a London based tech start up with a solution to one of the world’s most pressing challenges and a veterinary practice a long way from London looking to build on previous innovations to make a massive impact in the farming industry. Hopefully all four of them will make the deadline and we’ll do our usual finger crossing before we hear that they have all been funded. Nobody wants to lose that 100% record!