Understanding the science behind popular food and drink: Nottingham partners with Unilever and Warner Edwards on new KTPs

Summer may be over but ice-cream was at the front of our minds after we received the news that 2 KTP’s with Unilever were approved this month looking at the science behind cones and toppings. And whilst it may be getting a little on the cold side for ice-cream, gin is a year round product that’s seen a huge increase in popularity over the years.

We’re delighted to learn that our KTP with Warner Edwards Distillery was also approved this month which will look at the chemistry behind ingredients in the distilling process and in bottle.

Research into Flavour Chemistry goes back a long way at Nottingham and Professor Ian Fisk, who leads the Flavour Chemistry Group, actively researches in the area of flavour management (plant biology, agricultural techniques, food production through to consumption) and fundamental food chemistry to support novel processing technologies and commercial products. The Sensory Science Centre, led by Dr Rebecca Ford, conducts international quality research relating to sensory science, particularly in the areas of consumer perception, multimodal interactions, modelling sensory perception and understanding the differences in individual variation. Professor Tim Foster who leads the food structure group will offer expertise in microstructure design through understanding the interplay between ingredients and process.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a government-funded scheme that has been supporting innovative businesses for over 40 years. More information about KTP can be found here.