Case Study

Using data to approach clients in a new way

KROW Communications

The challenge

Operating within a highly competitive industry being able to differentiate and substantiate your offering is key. Therefore being able to circumnavigate the ‘system’ and go direct to a potential client with a proposition that is unique and relevant enough to warrant further conversations is something sought after by many.

Krow communications is an advertising agency that develops advertising strategy and  communication campaigns (including TV commercials, print, outdoor and digital communications). Krow as an agency has always been more data-centric than most however, this approach to data analysis can only go so far.

Our response

As a result Krow sought expertise from the University of Nottingham to take this data analysis much further. They chose Nottingham as it has an internationally recognised capability in big data analytics.

Graduate, Vanja Ljevar was recruited to develop and implement a ground breaking approach to data analytics to allow brands to better understand their customers. With access to expertise from the University’s N-LAB, a centre for International Analytics the partnership  were able to jointly design a system which combines transnational analysis with physiological feature analysis as a result of the KTP.

The impact

The newly developed system allows KROW’s clients to see for the first time a ‘picture’ of a brand’s customers that not only predicted future transactions, specifically how likely they are to buy a product, but also started to unpack why they behave in that way.

Malcolm White, Founder said what we developed during the KTP was a piece of unique thinking and a model that has never been created before. It is up to us now to put it to good use. The great thing about the KTP is that it has made us outward-facing and therefore has shown us a new way to flourish and grow.

Dr James Goulding from the University of Nottingham said the project has resulted both in new grant proposals and academic outputs, with the experiences being fed into Executive Education and the new Masters in Business Analytics.